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Our Story

I started designing websites in 2016 when my school wanted a event website. I made that website and loved that process. After that I started to design websites for fun. At the moment I have over 241 website I have designed and/or manage. I started lighting in 2017 when I became interested in stage and tech. I now have used multiple programs such as Cuelux and M-PC.

Who Am I?

Well I am a lighting designer as well as a website designer. I manage multiple website for different companies and at the moment am working on a website for Templestowe College as well as managing the Moonlight Inc. website that has over 7,000 users. in terms to Lighting Design (read more)…

About Me

I am 14 years old and based in Melbourne, Australia. I have had over 3 years experience with lighting. When I was a baby i used to take regular touchers and take them apart so I have kinda had 14 years experience in lighting if you count since i was a baby. (read more)…